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Download Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager 

Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager is designed for AVD Desktop Admins to help troubleshoot AVD session-related issues. You can easily check who is logged on to your AVD environment and if there are any stale sessions in the host pools. You can quickly log off, remove, shadow a session, or troubleshoot CPU and Memory related issues



  • Simple installation: Easy to install and no DataBase needed
  • Multi-Tenant: Add multiple AVD Tenants under the management of AVD Sessions Manager
  • List all User Sessions in an AVD environment for all Host Pools
  • Action: Log off user
  • Action: Remove AVD Session
  • Action: Remove All Stale and Disconnected Sessions
  • Action: Shadow a Session quickly

 Features Contd...

  • Find if a user is logged onto more than one Session Host
  • Quick Action: Be able to find all logging traces of a user
  • Easily search for a user in the Sessions List
  • Shows if a user is in a stale session or a normal session
  • Shows Log on Count for each user.
  • Action: Shadow a Session quickly


What all features are supported by Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager?
To see list of all the features please take a look at this blog post:
Can I use Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager to manage unlimited tenants?

The standard version can manage up to 5 AVD tenants, Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager for MSP can manage unlimited tenants at an additional cost per administrator.

How is Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager charged?

Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager is charged per administrator on a monthly recurring basis. There are no contracts, and you may cancel at any time.

What features of Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager require direct connectivity to Session Hosts Network?
Session Hosts Networking connectivity is required if you would like to Shadow a Session, collect CPU and Memory data from the session host, checking the memory and CPU usages per application and collecting event logs.

"AVD Sessions Manager helped my company resolve AVD related issues."

Marie Benson

Senior Network Administrator, Agriflora Inc.

Download Wintellisys AVD Sessions Manager

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There are no long-term contracts and a monthly subscription can be canceled at any time!

The AVD Sessions Manager price after the Trial ends will be $20 per month.


For support and Sales please contact:


Telephone number: +1 901 248-0004