The AVD Guide

Download Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (AVD) guide

What you'll get after reading the Azure Virtual Desktop guide


  • Deep understanding of Azure benefits for your company 
  • You'll be able to determine all the advantages of using AVD for your company
  • Superior Microsoft economics for your organization
  • Know how you will reduce your company's security risks with Azure
  • Simplified and more efficient management for your company
  • Simplified and Efficient Troubleshooting with Diagnostic Service
  • Azure infrastructure explained in detail and charts
  • Information about how much you will save when using AVD
  • Azure Virtual Desktop architectural overview
  • Check if your company is eligible for Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Wintellisys and Microsoft are your company's trusted technology partners
  • Ability to get a FREE consultation from Wintellisys to set up your Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

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